2022 Global forecast

2022 Global forecast

As in a stream the year will flow, enthralled by thoughts and worries ideas will glow.

This is how in short and figuratively speaking I could describe year 2022. One event will lead to the next, mostly because the retrograde periods of the big planets will not repeat specific aspectation with recently met planets. After two years spent in the shadow of Covid-19 tension, clutter, restraint, emotional depletion and other misery, 2022 will come with a certain refreshment and relaxation, for some with a hint of delusion which can bring some sorrow. All the already existing problems will simply not disappear, and the symbolic activity of the Water Tiger, whose externally calm nature but internally hot-blooded heart will not allow you to fall in the misty melancholy of “everything will be fine" or, on the contrary, "everything will only get worse".

The Year of the Water Tiger will begin on February 1, 2022. So what is the Water Tiger like and what features of the year does it reflect? Water Tiger adapts well to different situations, is attentive and skillful, imaginative, communicative and, despite the nature of being brave and born leader, is humble in gratitude. Its shortcomings include indecision, which alternates with laziness. Water Tiger likes to take part in all kinds of activities and is always ready to take risks by experimenting with new ideas. It enjoys to take exciting adventures around the world. The water element gives the tiger nobility, irresistible charm and unsurpassed charisma, which in a negative sense can blur one’s eyes, thus not noticing that the Water Tiger has already subjected the nearest circle to its influence. The Tiger does not like bureaucratic, technical restrictions because it is difficult to comply with.

Returning to the developments in the zodiac, I can tell that the next year 2022 will come with new opportunities and new beginnings, as there will be a relatively large number of planetary conjunction aspects in the course of the year – thus the beginnings of new cycles. In the first half of the year, a very special meeting of Jupiter and Neptune in the sign of Pisces will come to the fore, which will mark the beginning of a new cycle of relations between these two planets. I can add that the last time Jupiter met Neptune in the sign of Pisces was 166 years ago – in 1856. Significantly, even then, Uranus was in the sign of Taurus and made harmonious aspect with this Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Now the picture is similar. But only similar.

A bit of history about year 1856. The main events of 1856 during the interplay between Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus were the establishment of new universities, such as the modern day University of Maryland, Auburn University in Alabama or Nelson College in New Zealand, the signing of several ceasefire conclusions – the Paris Peace Agreement, ending the Crimean War or the Tapatali Peace Agreement, which ended Nepal's war in Tibet, also several large ships sank in the world's seas in 1856 – the steamer "SS Pacific" and the clipper ship "Driver", killing 374 passengers, and many more. There are other significant things related to the maritime subject, such as Paris Declaration of the Law of the Sea, signed by 55 countries, and the British steamer liner “RMS Persia” set a record of 9 days and 6 hours crossing the Atlantic. Just one more fact from history. In the United States, a political party called “Know Nothing” was founded in Philadelphia. Absolutely Neptunian.

Returning back to nowadays, 2022 will be spent in the moods of water and earth elements, which embodies content in forms and are more harmonious than the incompatible dominant air and earth elements of the previous year, which brought more problems and instability.

By describing the next year, I used a metaphor “stream” in the title of the article, because I think that everyone has an understanding of how it is to go with the flow and how it is to oppose it. Those who will go with the flow and catch the ideological feeling and spirit of every day life and contemporary feeling of time, can reach and achieve great goals, probably even in a very rapid and unexpected ways, especially in financial matters, stock markets, because the volume and flow of money might be enormous and elusive, that’s why it is very important to weigh and be aware of your own limits. Those who will risk without prudent considerations, definitely will not drink champagne in Paris.

In 2022 we will witness the flourishment of arts and the rise of big, visionary and philosophical ideas. Here I can add, that at the very end of April and the beginning of May, influential, imaginative, superpopular future's artists and talents might be born.

Continuing, in 2022 it is possible to see the establishment of higher education institutions or spiritual movements / practices, as well as an increase and more activity in the fields of medicine, shipping, fishing, underwater research, discoveries (widely) and other activities (e.g. submarines), international trade. The presence of Saturn in the sign of Aquarius all year will come in favor for that, only creating tense or problematic situations episodically, or in separate sections. At the same time, you must not forget, that Saturn requires order and honesty to succeed.

To not to make all the matters so luscious, there are global flood risks, turbulent oscillations of the oceans and financial markets, sinking of ships and collisions (possibly also military collisions, for example in the South China Sea). Where there is water, there is drowning. Increased prevalence of infectious diseases (not only Covid-19; mutations),the outflow or squander of accumulated capital by engaging in dubious transactions, fraud. Promises and populism of politicians and corrupt politicians will overflow, and all that can just dissolve into a mist of delusion afterwards. It will be harder to keep everything stable together.

It all depends on how the overall astro-background will affect each society and everyone individually. Therefore, everyone should stay vigilant and prudent, as the redistribution and shifting of power will continue, the acquisition of money and ideas will flow with various fateful changes and turns after the great and fundamental changes we faced in previous years. This is the switch of the ages until 2023.

The New Year will begin with retrograde Venus, later it will be joined by retrograde Mercury period, and also almost half of the January Uranus will still be retrograde. Which all together will be like hangovers from 2021. And as you know, while having “hangovers”, mind is not the clearest, so by acting hastily and recklessly in January, especially with unplanned spending or ill-advised actions you can strongly spoil the beginning of 2022 and also the continuation.

The most productive time of the year for favorable starts and begginings, upswing and development of new projects and plans will be very short, from February 4 to April 29, when Pluto will become retrograde just day before the Solar Eclipse. A great moment to take karmic responsibility and start realizing and fulfilling what was previously promised. Just remember, that the second retrograde Mercury period of the year will start shortly thereafter on May 10.

No major or significant interplanetary contacts in the dome are scheduled for the second half of the year. This does not mean that everything will be nice and easy, because Uranus in Taurus will still act like a revolutionary rebel to stability and values, and Saturn will continue to bring an order (or needed disorder) and changes to the existing as it continues its journey in the sign of Aquarius. At the beginning and in the second half of the year, the heretical and nasty Black Moon Lilith also will be very active.

Starting from June, the season of planetary retrograde periods will be more pronounced. The end of July and the beginning of August can become very tense, as Mars will form a conjunction stellium with Uranus and the Lunar North Node in the sign of Taurus, while Saturn will remotely connect with them with a square aspect to this conjunction, and Mercury will bravely oppose it all, creating an aggressive and proudly saturated communication environment. Such a combination involves a fatally devastating, tense, explosive energy, so this moment can bring drastic changes in the finance sphere, peace and stability, as neither Uranus nor Mars really likes to be in the stability and resource governing Taurus, but Saturn as the guardian of responsibility and discipline will not like this squabbling of two aggressive troublemakers.

A small ray of light might glow for a moment, when these extraordinary excesses will be aspected by harmonious Venus sextile, which can calm down the situation a bit, but the tensions between Mars and Saturn further will only culminate. One of the most vicious configurations of planetary tension, the Big or Tau Square, will form from time to time in various combinations of planets during this period, not only involving aspects of the aforementioned planetary tensions, but later on August 12 as the grand culmination of this multi-week cut, will come furious and extravagant Full Moon in Leo.

Briefly describing this situation, I can say that this will be an energetically intensified crisis situation with a culminating eruption effect. The parties involved can be creative people, educators, athletes, popular/rich people/leaders, the sphere of entertainment – collectives, parties, various groups of like-minded people and society as a whole, probably scientists. This situation could be characterized by success or limitations of success (depending on which side you sit), protests, militant, oppositional mood – with material resources, needs, possessions and values at the peak of tension.

If I were asked to try to model a picture of what the situation might look like in my view, it would be a question of the rich and the poor and/or the preservers of democracy and peace and the power coveters and creators of chaos. Regarding the redistribution of resources, the issues of spending money of the super-rich lately are being raised more and more. That these people are “squandering money on their pleasures" flying into space, while in the U.S., the fact that the companies of these billionaires do not pay or pay very little taxes causes great public outrage. As you know, this issue is also being raised at G7 level, about the global income tax, so I think that this configuration of tension will directly highlight that dissatisfaction in societies with the rich people and big corporations that “live in parallel reality”. As the Orwell's immortal phrase about equality, that everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.

On the other hand, militarization, the rise of autocracy, populist slogans also create an environment where resources and money are spent on a one side attacking and the other defending others in different spheres of power, but the common characteristic of the time is division, widening gaps in societies, between countries, between forefronters and laggards, between developers and stagnants. The common feature of the year is that general uncertainty when it will be difficult to figure out where to stick and where it will go (flow).

This tense August will be followed by the weakest and the most retrograde month of the year – September. November and December do not promise to be the most successful months for business and sports, competition in general.

Jupiter, the great beneficent or heavenly yeast, will spend the year in his much loved Pisces and friendly sign of Aries, so that would be very useful to use its generosity and offered favor as much as possible. However, one must not forget that Jupiter can leaven big problems as well (e.g. floods or fires).

The ingressions from phlegmatic and dreamy Pisces to brave and "let’s go and do this right away" Aries, I think, will definitely be noticed. In 2022, Jupiter will ingress in the sign of Aries for the first time on May 11. Later, due to retrograde movement Jupiter will return to Pisces at the end of July and then on the eve of the Winter Solstice it will pass from Pisces again on the way to Aries.

I have heard different opinions, but for now I will stick to the classic assumption that Jupiter feels good in Aries. Lots of ambition, great beginnings of “hot” ideas, big upheavals, it could be difficult time for the slow ones, because the characteristic motto could be - "developers and visionaries, stop grumbling, let’s go and succeed". The feeling of limits may disappear. Exaggeration about the (non)seriousness of the situation may be present.

In conclusion, a little about Black Moon Lilith.As I already mentioned above, that at the beginning of the year and in the second half of the year Lilith will be more active. There are still different, not entirely clear explanations of its meaning, which is absolutely such a feature by its very nature. I perceive Lilith as a tempter, as a manipulator, an enticer of lies, which confronts you with awkward statements in public or exposes you to awkward situations, like an inner evil voice which urges you to act, but, what for your common sense seems unacceptable, if not a red light, then yellow definitely – as internal pull to act in a way that would probably not be advisable. Experience has shown that even in completely innocent conditions, harmonious aspects with Lilith can end up in awkward situations, which can create a wider and unexpected resonance. In a situation of disharmonious aspects with Lilith, self-justification, self-explanation, search for excuses can make things worse. So to speak, a notorious sweet dish.

A little out of the main topic. So, going back to the 2022 forecast and Lilith. Lilith will transit through the sign of Gemini at the beginning of the year and later on April 15 will ingress in the sign of Cancer. Already in January, in two stages – from ~ 09.-12.01. and later 26.01. Lilith will be especially unpleasant.These are the dates of culmination of the aspects, the impact may be some time before, or rounding – including whole January. Its manifestation is difficult for me to predict; it would be more of speculation.Lilith would like speculations.I can describe it in the light of what I have written before that January can be pretty vague, month of “hangover”, when reviving back from the wonders of Christmas holidays and "New Year, new Me" unfulfilled resolutions, so there may pop up a disappointing feeling that no "New Year, new Me" really works, that we are in the same slump as in the previous year as a society and the world as a whole. That things are not getting better, on contrary, it may seem that things are just getting worse.

Of course, at this moment all these hot spots and conflicts in the world are more or less known, also in the context of pandemic and restrictions of it, inflation, higher prices of goods, resources and services, natural cataclysms (mainly volcanoes and earthquakes in 2021, water disasters in 2022), it is difficult to predict exactly how the 2021 will end, because the scrape can get big at the end of the year, January will probably be like a gloomy mist about everything that has happened lately.

Very interesting, but full of secrets looks like the New Moon of June 29.The cluster of the conjunction between the Moon, the Sun and Lilith will be shaken by hard square aspect from Jupiter. Presence of a very high saturation. A month of scandals, revelation of the past stored secrets, exposure, revenge. Carelessness, recklessness, exaggeration.

The very beginning of September, could be a time of tempting opportunities and/or painful disappointments. Around the third decade of October, self-interest seekers, disrespectful “showmen”, machinators, and especially authoritative individuals can get their boomerang back and be winnowed and publicly condemned. In turn, in the first half of November, an interesting, creative configuration of Lilith and several other involved planets will be formed. It will be time for creative and artistic ideas, prepared works, publications, presentations of these works to go out in the world. Especially if these ideas have some glamor, a more challenging element for more conservative part of society, and carries the necessary agiotage. In 2022, there are several other aspects that Lilith and the planets interact with, I highlighted, in my opinion, the main ones.

That's all for me this time.

Happy New Year 2022, the Year of the Water Tiger!

Thank you!

p.s. (This prognosis originally was published in Latvian on November 24, 2021. This is translated text.)