Porziņģis, Kidd, Dončić – success or the Bermuda triangle?

Porziņģis, Kidd, Dončić – success or the Bermuda triangle?

As the new 75th NBA season approaches, questions around Kristaps Porziņģis’ progress as a member of the Dallas Mavericks and the potential overall performance of the team in the upcoming season become more topical. Uncertainty is more than clarity as from the last season (at least till the start of the preseason), there are unresolved issues that create caution in forecasting the next one. The key issues are: a new Head Coach and General Manager, changes in coaching staff, roster adjustments and as well the relationship between the two leading players – Luka Dončić and Kristaps Porziņģis. Therefore, in this article I will analyze the compatibility of three, the most important members of the team from an astrological point of view. Their mutual relationships and performance on and off the court is the key towards success of the club.

The Dallas Mavericks were not very active in the off-season trade market and didn’t have a draft pick, but the team recruited a new head coach, Hall of Famer Jason Kidd and general manager Nico Harrison. Also a new maximum long-term contract was signed with the team's superstar Luka Dončić after the Olympics.

Those who follow Kristaps Porziņģis’ performance in the Texas club, know well enough that for some time there have been some rumors about ‘problems’ in relationship between two leaders of the team. At least, if there are no disagreements between them, then they might not be on the same page. The charismatic, but often populist NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith repeatedly allowed himself to state in his broadcasts that he had heard that Kristaps was jealous of Dončić and that the Mavs should get rid of Porziņģis. The expert had heard…

The fact that in the previous season Luka more often did not look for Porziņģis in free positions or plays than he did, was obvious to any viewer. It was also obvious that Kristaps performance on the court was more of an initiative by himself than the ex-head coach’s game plan. At the end of 2019, when Luka was injured and at the beginning of 2020 KP scored 25.2 points on average over a month, grabbed 10.3 rebounds and blocked 1.8 shots, showing an All-star level performance. However, the head coach at the time Rick Carlisle in interviews skillfully talked around that there was such a plan and that the coaching staff was finally happy to see the expected and desired performance from Porziņģis, ‘which simply took time’. Of course, this cannot be denied, but as it was later seen, it could not really serve as an argument for systematic ignorance on how to use KP most effectively on the court.

By that I mean that not only recovery from major injuries, but also some inexplicable, episodic ignoring from the team's main playmaker and the coach's inability to involve his team's second number in productive performance, I believe had mentally demanded a lot from Porziņģis. Of course, without knowing the internal affairs of the team, it is only an opinion or a conclusion from what is seen on TV. In a basketball society there is a saying that the ball does not lie. I can say that the unconscious body language, impulsive, automatic reactions and gestures, facial expressions do not lie either. Especially observing someone in the long term.

The microclimate in the champion teams has a crucial impact and significance. As colleagues and teammates Dončić and Porziņģis understand each other pretty well. But the problems arise in anticipations. Starting from little kids who cheer for the team to owner of the club. Especially, when the expected bright future looks very promising on the paper. If you are the better paid player on the team (KP) and you are willingly accepting the role of being second option, then it is more than disrespectful to be put in the corner in the most important time of the season, to wait for ‘better days to come’ and afterwards to receive criticism and condemnation (mainly from the ‘experts’) for dull performance.

I don’t understand why so many commentators, fans do not understand in their comments that it is the responsibility of the playmaker and backcourt players to deliver the ball to the frontcourt players and that the big guys depend on small guys. If Porziņģis’ role on the team was to be just a statist or role player, then probably no one would say anything, but it is the expectations and anticipations of Porziņģis – that this stately Latvian will be one of the leaders on the team. After a long prelude, I have come to the main topic of the article – mutual relations. KP, Kidd and Luka – success or the Bermuda triangle?

The relationships between the leading players and the head coach is especially important. As it is in any relationships between the boss, deputies and subordinates. Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal were not ‘the best friends’ either, but they won multiple championships together. Three in a row. Most likely it wouldn't have been possible without the ‘Zen master’ Phil Jackson. This is an outstanding example where mutual relations and understanding play a major role. Finding the right mediator in such situations is vital whenthe goals are highest. With all due respect, Rick Carlisle has many strengths, but the former coach certainly wasn't like that with this player deck.

What surprised me the most was that Dončić was the one who had disagreements with Carlisle, not Porziņģis (Luka even had shouted at the coach several times). This ‘alternative fact’ makes me ask a provocative question – did Dončić or Carlisle ‘put’ Porziņģis in the corner (read – excluded from the game) in the playoffs?

Further on in the article, first, I will analyze the compatibility of Kristaps Porziņģis and the new head coach Jason Kidd, then the compatibility of Luka Dončić and the head coach and at the end the compatibility between Porziņģis and Dončić.

Jason Kidd and Kristaps Porziņģis

The first impression is good, after a glimpse on the synastry astrochart. Aries and Leo represent the same element of fire, but different modalities (qualities). Both Suns (identity, the very being) are in the first decade of their Zodiac signs, which means that both Suns are in contact with each other, both have different but compatible understanding of things and cooperation, both can bring new opportunities and help to move towards success. Aries is characterized by energy, fighting spirit, leadership talent; Leo by confidence, dominance and generosity. Figuratively speaking, one comes with initiative and inspiration, the other perceives it and uses it to strive for success and towards glory.

However, on an emotional level the two are quite different. The coach is scorpionic and Mars-like by nature – fearless, concise and ready for challenges, no matter what they require. The downside could be getting stuck in extremes, stubborn intransigence. Porziņģis’ Libra Moon is milder in nature that needs to find emotional balance. As long as his emotional balance is in tone and the environment with people is harmonious, everything feels good and uplifted. When this balance disappears, then doubts, hesitations, embarrassment may appear. Also, being a good guy is nothing bad, but at the same time the desire to please others in certain life situations can play a negative role towards oneself. We saw this at the end of the playoffs, when Kristaps said with noticeable dissatisfaction and bitten teeth that he had tried as hard as he could for the team and played according to the coach’s game plan. On the ego level for the Leo’s Sun, this is very humiliating. His Libra Moon traits helped him to weigh out this hardship, even though it should have been a great injustice feeling in his heart.

Inner circel: Jason Kidd's planets; Outer circle: Kristaps Porzingis' planets 

In this case, coach Kidd can quite well teach KP healthy audacity and intransigence with the example of his own career. Porziņģis has a natural perseverance and pursuit of goals. However, it should be noted that the Moon of Libra can create a feeling that ‘everything will be fine’ and will settle down, making concessions, reconciling with the situation. Of course, by continuing to work hard and persistently for the personal growth and skills development (Sun in Leo + Mars in Libra). Kristaps often repeats this in his interviews.

Everything is great about that, but these developed skills should be put to use. Everyone knows that Porziņģis is a unique player, but in the USA and the NBA in particular, there is a strong emphasis on statistics. (Maybe except in San Antonio.) Especially if you get 30+ million dollars a season. You can’t stick to: ‘I will continue to work hard and I will succeed’. Libra Moon in combination with the Leo Sun needs praise and support. Sometimes a harsher word, so I am sure that coach Kidd will be able to find a better connection with Porziņģis than coach Carlisle ever could.

There are plenty enough close planetary aspects between the coach and Porziņģis that make a formation of good connection and mutual understanding. In synastry or compatibility there is a principle – the closer aspects between each person’s planets, the better. In other words, the smaller the difference in angular degrees between the planets in each horoscope, the closer, more pronounced the manifestations of the respective planets and the aspects they form.

In terms of life, philosophical understanding or achieving the set goals, both are like on the same wave. They can complement each other and work well together so that both benefit from their own growth path. One as a coach, the other as a player. It may sound a little banal, but with his performance, Porziņģis is able to help make Kidd's dreams come true (whatever they may be). It's hard to imagine a top American athlete or coach with no desire or dream of becoming a champion.

In my opinion, it is a very important thing in their compatibility that from the point of view of their roles in the club – coach-player – one of the most accurate and harmonious planetary aspect is formed between Kidd’s Saturn (teacher) and Porziņģis’ Mercury (student). Important is not only that they are both symbolized by appropriate adjectives (planets), but also that in relationship between two people, it is important that Saturn is in one way or another in relation to the other person's personal planets. And hopefully not in a destructive way.

This aspect forms a solid basis for communication. Ideas get a more mature form and also an outcome, as well as the teacher-coach better understands that the student-player needs some time to get used to the game plans, strategy and his own useful role in the team. Since Porziņģis likes to command teammates on the court (in a good sense), where someone has to be when playing the combination, I think that he will learn the coach's schemes quite well and will exceed expectations.

What is interesting, Kidd's natal astrochart shows tense square aspect between his retrograde Mercury in Pisces and the Saturn in Gemini, while Mercury has also a harmonious sextile aspect with the Northern Lunar Node. It has been heard about Kidd's strange methods of creating a communicative environment with his players, such as water park visits or training on a Christmas day. Reluctance to explain his statements or actions, comments tend to be short, concise, sometimes even sharply expressed in a "self-evident" way. However, this harmonious sextile gives to Mr. Kidd such a karmic growth through extraordinary approaches, yes, time to time driving himself in awkward situations, but in the end he’s coming out stronger, more matured, successful and later appreciated. It was he who pushed Jannis Antetokounmpo out of the paint and made him to shoot from the distance and beyond the arc, making him an all-around player, for which Jannis also publicly thanked Jason Kidd, when he won the title last season.

However, there is not such a communicative connection between Porziņģis and Kidd that they would fully understand each other without words. They may not have much to talk about outside of basketball, but KP well perceives and understands what the coach wants to achieve and how he sees things in the system. In addition, these solutions which will come from the coach might be very versatile and adaptable to the situation. So I am sure that it will not be the way it was under Carlisle's leadership, when he announced that the post-up game is old-fashioned, but when Porziņģis played successfully by posting-up, closer to the basket, he announced that it was meant to do so and KP executed that very well. Kidd’s natal astrochart shows that he is a coach who is potentially able to find solutions to the current situation, if that above-mentioned emotional stubbornness doesn’t come into action. Of course, another question is his current experience and qualification, the ability to execute his potential.

Another important thing is the compatibility of the elements of both horoscopes. Kidd has the most pronounced Air element, while Porziņģis has Fire. Both are very compatible, characterized by enthusiasm, energy, movement and realization of ideas.

It is also good if in horoscope or Natal chart there is a negative or tense aspect from a planet and at the same time if there is also a harmonic aspect next to it from another planet, thus equalizing the flow of energy. The same is with compatibility charts. Without aspects of tension, there is no development, either individually or in relationships. As for Kidd and Porziņģis, there is also some disharmony between their astrocharts.

Whenever aspects with the same elements or planets are formed between two astrocharts, it is something special among specific people. In this case, the following aspects will not be the most pronounced, significant aspects of their relationship, but they must be taken into account. Thus, Kidd's birth Mars forms a tense square aspect with the KP’s Moon Nodes, while the Kristaps’ birth Mars forms the same aspects with the Kidd’s natal Moon Nodes. Equal, reciprocal aspects.

If each person's Mars has different aspects, the energies are balanced, then the Moon Nodes are only with these aspects of the tension from both Mars. Mars symbolizes sports, energy, combat skills, motivation and drive. The Northern Moon Node indicates the direction in which a person should be motivated to go and develop, but the Southern Moon Node carries the subconscious motivations experienced in the ‘past’, which serves as a person's natural, inner, individual experience, automatic reactions that must be learned to leave in the past, because you will not get a new result with the old or standard methods.

In summary, I can say that both should be less prejudiced and stubborn in certain situations, but together instead they should find a solution to problems that might arise. Porziņģis should definitely beware of overload, overwork, pushing himself to the edge, which can only be physically bad for him. In contrast, the coach must understand that Porziņģis is not a hard work horse, but more of a ‘Unicorn’, so the coach must find a way to use KP most effectively, but with healthy caution to achieve or exceed the desired results. Basing on my research and comparison of the games played in full seasons with the same Anthony Davis from the ‘Lakers’, it’s not clear for me whether he is a traumatic player or not, but Porziņģis is not far behind him in terms of the number of games missed, so for KP to participate in 66-72 regular season games would be very optimal. Yes, he has had serious injuries and has missed a lot of games, but at the same time, the number of missed games for other ‘less traumatic’ players are not much lower than for Porziņģis.

Jason Kidd and Luka Dončić

In short, everything is nice and fluffy between them. Luka Dončić will bring unprecedented and imaginative (like 'Luka Magic’) edges to Jason Kidd's game system. Dončić's manner of play and ideas form a harmonious interaction with Kidd's sporty spirit and vigor. There is a mutual understanding of sportsmanship and the goals to be achieved, where they can complement each other. The most pronounced elements are also in harmony – Kidd's Air, Luka's – Fire, together which generally manifests as enthusiasm and energy, but this duo lacks being down-to-earth at times. This is especially true of Dončić. This means that a person lacks stability, relies more on hopes and self-confidence than actually achieves. In my opinion, it manifests in the game like that: he energetically scores 30 points in the first three quarters and then at the end wonders why the game was lost. But he doesn’t see that while he was putting up great numbers the team had gone 'cold'. And by that I mean, he is sharing the ball, he is not a selfish player, but he is dribbling and not moving the ball around and not involving everybody into the play.

If Porziņģis better understands coach's game plan and system, then Dončić does a better job with his performance, also, for example, by improvising. Besides, if I mentioned that it would not be wise for the coach to physically ‘drive out’ Kristaps (this applies from Kidd’s perspective), then Luka has no problems with this physicality element, because both the coach and Luka better withstand and understand what workload and tensity is needed to achieve results. This is because in their individual natal charts, Mars, which is responsible for energy and physical strength, are in very strong placements in the Zodiac – Kidd has his Mars in Capricorn, but Dončić has his in the sign of Scorpio. Endurance, great inner strength, perseverance, both are ready to face difficulties and fight them to the end.

The connection of Luka’s Jupiter and Venus with the Kidd’s Sun embodies that ‘fluffy’ feeling or mutual harmony – by being together, both are prone to high goals, development and growth, creative, comfortable connection. A strong tandem is forming. Other aspects indicate that there is pleasant communication between them, easy to understand. Kidd likes Dončić’s way of thought and ideas, which in turn makes the coach think more actively about new strategies, and in this context there is another element that promotes this cooperation and understanding. Kidd's natal Mercury is retrograde, which means that he may not always be able to find the right words or approach to explain his ideas clearly or in extended sentences. In this case, Dončić’s positive influence creates conditions where Luka well perceives and understands what the coach wants to say or introduce with, but somehow expresses it awkwardly. Luka is able to realize it and put it into action.

Here, however, problems may arise in transferring these ideas to other teammates, from Luka’s part. Maybe that is because he thinks that most likely everybody understands everything by themselves. Yes, the close friendship with Boban and the friendly atmosphere in the Slovenian national team may not indicate this (because of the short meeting and other roles and goals), but in general Dončić most likely is not a very good communicator, he is rather inconsistent in this element. This is indicated by the non-aspected Mercury in Pisces in his natal chart. In such a situation, a person may be too chatty (regular talking to referees) or vague, does not know when to speak, when to remain silent, one who hears, but does not listen. Sometimes it may be that he relates to other people's thoughts or opinions. Contacts with others are generalized, not binding. You can, for example, look at his own posts on Twitter. Most often there are just a lot of emojis or some short word combinations, general standard phrases. Most often, not always.

Another thing is bilateral contacts with people, such as the same Boban Marjanović or how it seems to me at the moment also with coach Kidd. In his situation, the manifestation of mutual contacts with such a Mercury placement will be determined by the aspects of the other person’s planets involved. Of course, if any aspects are formed.

Contact with harmonious aspects of the planets and favorable planets can be positive, with aspects of tension or unfavorable planets – negative, or if there is no contact from the other person's planets, then blunt communication is formed, there is really nothing much to talk about. Therefore, people in one or another person's presence behave, areinfluenced and express themselves differently.

Further on about the downside and long-term personal relationship with the coach. In the long run, there may be a rather tense ego clash between Kidd and Dončić, a struggle for power and influence. I have already mentioned that together these two people form a strong tandem that tends to grow and succeed. Over time, it can develop into a mutual struggle, because this strong conjunction of these Luka’s beneficial and cooperating planets Jupiter and Venus is in opposition to Kidd’s Pluto – a symbol of great power, might, transformative challenges and change. Jason Kidd’s natal chart shows that, the opposition between his Sun and already mentioned Pluto is the most pronounced, accurate aspect and here comes Dončić with his Jupiter – the yeast of heaven and on the sidelines with the help of Venus and maximizes all of this coach's innate tension to Everest. In addition, in the hot-blooded sign of Aries, where both Jupiter and the Sun feel especially cozy and are especially activated.

What does it mean and how might it manifest in real life? Such a contact between the Sun and Pluto manifests itself as a need for power, dominance, exaggerated pride and obsession with oneself. Which in Kidd's case is also repeatedly publicly experienced. It is difficult for him to hide his dominion and vices, they come to light one way or another. I do not want to discuss his personal problems here; this kind of information can be found on the internet. I would like to point out that Dončić is a kind of a person who can and is able to ignite Kidd's inner, burning fire. And in such a situation, of course, in case of disagreement, the owner of the club would hardly turn against his golden boy. It will be interesting to see how their relationship develop. Whether Mr. Kidd has had gained enough life experience and learned from it and, will he be able to maintain external peace and posture in such situations, or not. In short term they may be like the best pals, but in the long run it can be difficult with each other.

Inner circle: Jason Kidd's planets; Outer circle: Luka Dončić's planets

Do only opposites attract? No. Here two people have come together with similar traits. Luka Dončić also has problems with anger and self-control. He has his own Sun and Pluto square tension in his natal birth chart. Basically, the square is a more aggressive aspect than the opposition, because it forces you to be alert and ready for an action all the time. The opposition is more defiant, it is contradictory and is forcing you to make a decision. However, for Luka this tension of energy of this square is balanced and calmed by a very strong harmonic Sun and Mars trine. We can see this well in situations when Luka has his friendly smile on his face and all the hearts of admirers are melting, but at another moment, he is tearing apart his uniform, kicking chairs or arguing with referees. He heats up and cools down very swiftly. There are also situations, when it seems that Luka will explode immediately through the ceiling, but somehow he deftly dispels this tension, focusing on the next episode. This is a good, a little bit exaggerated example on how planets work when they have both – harmonious and disharmonious aspects. It balances the energy.

If I look at the compatibility of these two people, then this Dončić’s Sun Pluto tension aspect triggers the super-ferocious (I can't call it otherwise) tension 'Tau' square configuration in Kidd's natal chart between Saturn, the Black Moon Lilith, with the retrograde Mercury at its apex. At this point there will be no longer a struggle over who will be the coolest guy in Dallas, but it can already develop into another level of mutual stiffness in communication, which includes manifestations such as slandering the other, challenging to conflict, challenging decisions, breaking the rules, raising ultimatums etc.

Over time from Dončić’s point of view, it may seem that coach Kidd is too restrictive, despite allowing enough improvisation and freedom. In general, the coach most likely will stick to his game plan, despite being quite flexible. This, in turn, can cause for Dončić a great deal of dissatisfaction and a desire to gain his end by all means. Over time they should realize that they both have met an equal opponent, and if common sense prevails, such a gloomy scene as I have described should not materialize, because the other elements are more or less harmonious. Nevertheless, this challenge to accept each other will be great. Both have their own lice, their own aces.

And so we have come to the section that is probably of the greatest interest. So much discussed relationship between Kristaps Porziņģis and Luka Dončić. In this article rather their compatibility characteristics on the palette of heaven, figuratively speaking.

Kristaps Porziņģis and Luka Dončić

Looking at their compatibility charts, two things are obvious. First, if they ever danced tango, they would always step on each other's feet and secondly, as Kristaps Baņķis from Astrologi.lv has pointed out in separate posts on Twitter, then one – Porziņģis – is Leo by nature, but the other – Dončić – wants to be like a Leo. This is due to the fact that Porziņģis Sun and Dončić’s Moon both are in the Zodiac sign of Leo. One is (Sun-self), the other wants to be (Moon-manifestation). One considers self-centered attention to be an obvious part of his life (we saw how much Porziņģis enjoyed being the center of attention in the global metropolis of New York), while the other wants and aspires to be praised and admired by others. Which in itself is not a bad thing, the only question is how each of them use this accumulated admiration.

In Dončić's case, this world fame that follows his undeniable talent definitely warms his Ego. Dončić has his Sun the sign of Pisces, which gives him that slightly shy and ‘I'm doing nothing, just going and playing’ expression. In combination with the Moon in Leo, it allows him to hide behind a mask, behind which self-control and outwardly pleasant personality alternate with the already mentioned manifestations of some aggression and strong emotionality. An I mean it not just in some bad way. It is just his very being. No one except himself knows that better.

While Porziņģis is more tactful and self-controlled, trying to maintain a good impression of himself. His emotional and egocentric sides are much more harmonious than Dončić's. High self-esteem and tact in contact with other people, allows KP quickly to understand other people's motivations well enough and to avoid conflict situations, most often in interviews commenting diplomatically on the existing issue or current situation without heightened emotionality. Of course, we know some vivid exceptions – the fight at the night club in Liepāja (his birthtown), the questionable case of harassment on the same day after tearing his left ACL, or awkward statements about Latvia to the gossip news portal TMZ at his rookie season. Such separate episodes have happened to him and he must definitely beware of something similar in the future, because in KP’s natal chart there is a nasty planetary configuration, which activated can provoke some awkward situations.

Inner circel: Kristaps Porziņģis' planets; Outer circle: Luka Dončić's planets

Fortunately, Dončić's influence on this Porziņģis’ tense planetary configuration is minor. Maybe he gives some little burst or spark to it at times, but it doesn't heat up. For a slight derogation, in connection with coach Kidd, I would highly recommend Porziņģis not to talk about the coach behind his back or complain about coach's communication methods or training loads, even if it is meant to be completely innocent or joking. It can happen that what is said can be distorted so that this ‘old rake’ of these awkward situations, which I described right above, can come into action again.

Now I will describe little more in detail the most pronounced aspects between their charts, which more vividly characterizes their mutual communication. The most accurate aspect between their natal charts is characterized by what I have already figuratively described as stepping on each other's feet. This aspect is neither bad nor good. Metaphorically speaking, it reminds me of those sumo costumes, where two are put into one common costume and then only from mutual understanding and cooperation it is possible to move and go somewhere further. This aspect reflects the fact that each one of them wants to go in their own direction or they have different approaches how to reach the same goal. There is no personal conflict between them like against the enemy, they are simply not on the same wave. So I would not pair them together as the ‘dynamic duo’, as it is celebrated in Dallas. Episodically yes, but in long run it will not work. You can meet the opposite of what is desired (we have already seen that). Of course, professional athletes have to be able to find harmony in corporation and understanding with others, especially in team sports. We can see that it happens here in Dallas between them, but until now only partly. In the long run, if the coach will not find a way to play Porziņģis more effectively, then it may happen that KP could waste his prime years by standing in the corner. I think that this season will be crucial for Kristaps how his career will develop further.

Unfortunately for those who are over the Moon with this duo, I must say that there is a rather pronounced communicative dissonance between them, which certainly does not promote this sometimes awkward communication. The opposition of Dončić's Uranus and the square of Mars with Porziņģis Mercury, creates a great unpredictability of mutual contact, possibly even a sharp, challenging exchange of words or actions on the part of Luka, which is certainly incomprehensible and really annoying to Porziņģis' orderly mind. What makes these matters worse is that Dončić's Uranus in his natal chart has only aspects of tension, and a rather close and applying aspect of tension with his Mars. Which means that from time to time he raises this challenging contact with each other and continues to pour salt on old wounds or invents some unexpected moves that might come to Porziņģis as a cold shower. Dončić to Porziņģis is such an uneasy irritant. In turn, Porziņģis to Dončić may seem too correct, too interesting to others, in other cases also too serious. It can make both want to compete with each other, because this irritating certainty on one hand and uncertainty on the other can start to annoy both of them. It’s like, ‘If you do this, I'll show you how I can do that better.’ With KP we can observe this more clearly in the games when Dončić is out due to injury or is resting on the sidelines. Porziņģis then ‘opens’ (although not always). We also saw games when the two scored close or over 30 points and everyone in Dallas fell into such a dreamy ecstasy that it will be so further on.

When I studied his performance in more detail at that time, it was a very productive time for him also from a planetary perspective. Unfortunately, this remained only as a successful cut. Because, in my opinion, Carlisle's game system and Luka's game manner did not find a place for Porziņģis to continue his successful performance further on. If you try and try and do not succeed and there is no help and support from others, then you start to get tough on yourself and everything then gets worse. Although KP put good numbers on season average 20pts+9rebs, it wasn’t enough for his role and I believe personal expectations as well.

This is the most negative side of their relationship. Other inter-planetary tensions also have harmonious aspects, which means that there are both – some problems, but enough favors. In other words, they can both have some conflict and also find a common language. Spanish, for example. A significantly important aspect shows that at first their contact may be cold or constructive, but over time they may get used to each other and become friendlier. What many are hoping for. I am not saying that the disharmony described above will disappear somewhere, but that it is possible to coexist and here, in my view, the ability of coach Kidd how he will put the two together in such a way as to reduce possible or existing misunderstandings, will play a major role.

In conclusion, a little about the positive. The closest harmonious aspect shows that successful cooperation between the two is possible, to achieve great goals. Here, however, one must be careful of misconceptions, or in other words, the main thing is not to overestimate and exaggerate this harmony, because there are certain challenges here as well, but the potential is good. And this does not contradict what has been written before, because, as we all know, human relationships are not linear, but with ups and downs. You can also recall the old Indian saying (if it's a Native American) that it all depends on which wolf you feed. This aspect makes the whole picture more positive.

If this steeping on other’s feet and bilateral competition is put aside, then they may seem very nice people to each other. Ideologically they are capable of cooperation. In that sense, Dončić at the beginning, when Porziņģis arrived in Dallas, was quite understanding and told the media everything quite correctly about Porziņģis recovery process and the fact that the team really needed him.

If I have to comment on the jealousy invoked by an NBA analyst at the beginning of the article, then looking at it from this compatibility charts, if there is any, it might come from Dončić rather than Porziņģis. For KP such expressions and behavior may seem childish and rather annoying.

I can also mention that each person behaves differently in different environments, situations and circumstances. The same old story that people can be rivals on the court, but good friends outside. So here we have to look again at where and in what situations, which side of a person's personality prevails. Although it is also variable. What is not variable, is the life potential recorded at the time of each person's birth. How everyone develops and implements it is in their own hands.

Thank you!