2024 Global forecast

2024 Global forecast
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            The motto of 2024 could be – "Truth or dare!"?![1] There will be revolutionary moods of change, the swarming of world changers, the marking of spheres of influence, shifts in power centers, upheavals, in many places there will be very volatile situations like the effect of shaken champagne or gunpowder that is about to explode. Changes in global order. Less will be more! The cunning in the big draw. Rational versus irrational (not-rational). April, August, possibly also November/December, a true rollercoaster. It's going to be one hell of a ride. This is how I could set the tone for this year's forecast.🙂

The year 2024 will be significant in the sense that we are gradually approaching the concluding stages of a period of major changes and transformations that have been evolving over several years, and in 2025, as they say, we'll be in the home stretch, nearing the completion of these contemporary changes. Each with their own mental equipment, experiences, and insights for the onward journey into the new Age of Aquarius.

General Overview: Background    

            Meanwhile, the year 2024, the Wood Dragon's year, promises to be quite peculiar, unpredictable in its manifestations, subtly thrilling, and one where the notion of sitting calmly in comfort can be entirely forgotten. If 2023 was more about the oscillations of governments, regimes, and various public events, a year of examining situations, circumstances, and pushing limits, then in 2024, the daring to risk, to take decisive (even reckless) steps with force, deceit, and/or compromise (more as deals than settlements) will greatly increase. In my view, particularly relevant could be the struggle for justice and against inequality, in the broadest sense, across various levels and sectors.

            All of this, in the second half of 2024 and perhaps into 2025, will likely culminate in a crisis of shifting circumstances, as globally occurring political and economic processes, inflation, stagnation, recession, the overall transformation or resistance of world and individual national and union economies, will demand new, unprecedented, and possibly unpopular solutions. The conventional crisis management models described in books will likely not suffice; improvisation, innovation, and ingenuity will be necessary, as the circumstances will be chameleon-like in nature –  mutable, adaptable, or, metaphorically speaking, akin to tales of creatures with multiple heads. After all, it's the Year of the Dragon.

            Much will depend on how the Year of the Water Rabbit concludes in February 2024, where the baton will be passed to the Year of the Wood Dragon. I believe that the trends' trajectories should already start to manifest during this time. For example, a somewhat unclear picture is already forming regarding Euribor rates and inflation. As far as I understand, there are several factors why various financial constraints rose as rapidly as they did and may not decline as swiftly. Last year, there were reports that the first steps towards rate easing could be taken as early as April, but ECB President Christine Lagarde now states in January that rates will likely be reduced, probably in the summer[2]. If in the summer.

            Meanwhile, a local Latvian expert expresses the opinion that markets are already accustomed to the situation, and "the tipping point is already behind us." Additionally, elsewhere in the world, we see the saga of Donald Trump's return, tensions in the Red Sea, which greatly affect trade routes, and the increase in Iran's aggression in the region. China shows no signs of easing. Therefore, certain hotspots that could lead to various turns this year have already emerged and are known (not to mention active war or smoldering conflict zones).

            The overall backdrop or canvas upon which everything unfolds is characterized by attempts to harness constructive ideas in all the pulsating uncertainty, unafraid to take risks and utilizing various technologically innovative tools and solutions to achieve goals. In the best-case scenario, the overall situation will require a resourceful, respectful, ideologically fulfilling, and generous approach to the implementation of projects, reforms, and plans – "no matter the cost, we must do it" (positively, but expensively). However, in the worst-case scenario, one will encounter significant resistance, a great deal of misinformation, and a desire to do things at any cost – stubbornly, obstinately, and/or extravagantly.

            The most fervent will stand firm and defend their positions to the last. Passion and steadfastness will certainly be among the defining characteristics of this year. The inclination towards liberation, freedom, independence, eccentricity, creativity, and autonomy will prevail, even if it means sacrificing interpersonal relationships to some extent. The amount of demonstrations, strikes, public dissatisfaction, protests, and manifestations will only increase.

            On the flip side, as with all things, there are two ends and to some extent, one extreme or the other. On one hand, in those matters where a breakthrough or regeneration is truly necessary, these protesting changes are essential if the echelons of power themselves are unwilling to change voluntarily. However, the other side of the coin is that, regardless of whether the situation is good or bad, black or white, the existing stability, regime, or status quo will be disrupted.

            For example, if we look at Russia, then perhaps that would be good (never know, like with bees), but if we look across the ocean to the US, then such a chaotic scenario or upheaval could unfold in various ways. Regarding China, Xi, and Taiwan, there is also much uncertainty. Xi's third presidential term lasts until 2027, and he has mentioned reunification with Taiwan as one of his goals.[3] I'm not claiming that China will necessarily attack Taiwan (everyone knows the "China's final warning"), but if I have to look within the timeframe until 2027, then I would say that this year (perhaps, maybe the first half of 2025) is more "suitable" for such a major upheaval in the world, considering the potential ramifications of such a maneuver.

             It's quite intriguing how everything comes together, that on one hand, dedicating time to oneself, self-development, facing challenges, and conflicts while accepting losses is the direction in which, generally speaking, everyone should go during this time. However, in parallel, from the perspective of the year's mood, there could be an expressed individual activity, selfish actions, vanity, and self-interest. Then, from a third perspective, there's a glowing and unstoppable inclination towards reforms and changes. Under the influence of idealized or pessimistic motives, this can corner even the most revolutionary and activists, causing problems and discomfort, not only for themselves but for everyone around them. Frankly, what puzzles me is that on one hand, the overall landscape of the year encourages conflict resolution, while on the other hand, it pushes or forces conflicts, even though it would not be rational or reasonable in any way.

            The main lesson or idea from this would be, as I interpret it, that change is only possible through transformation, renewal, conversion, and a collective push for a restart, understanding that individual freedoms are as important as collective ones—what applies to oneself, applies to others. From the existing inclination towards resistance to the current order, the inability to stay still, the need for change to avoid an outdated world order, and the desire to break away from traditional conservatism, at least one of the most significant questions of this year will arise—what is rational and reasonable for society as a whole versus what is rational, useful, and justified in each individual's decision.

            In short, this year will see a pronounced conflict between objective reality, facts, and idealistic, visionary aspirations, internal individual experiences. People will face a dilemma in solving their own and others' problems and questions, how to balance them, how to clarify one or the other. The "Libran" golden middle path (balance) won't really work here. However, attempts to rationalize and explain the incomprehensible, attempts to organize and systematize everything to fit, can lead to paradoxes and deadlocks in systems or situations. Moreover, none of the involved parties will likely be willing to concede. Even persuasion or threats won't work.

             Many important matters, significant, actionable issues will be tangled up, as the abundance of information can distract and divert decision-makers from the essential. Additionally, as a result of superficial approaches and superficiality, questions may fall prey to the most prominent demagogue. Bright ideas will either lack implementers, or the "know-it-alls" will approach these solutions very superficially, disregarding recommendations from others (such as experts, specialists). Mainly because egoism and vanity repeatedly emerge in the mood of the year, and in a peculiar way—avoiding help, one's own adequate and meaningful involvement, preferring to be distant or constructively impersonal—we met, agreed, bid farewell. Without coffee and pastries. To this, we can also add the unwillingness to learn the truth, the avoidance of it— "better to keep everything peaceful, sweep all the unwanted under the carpet or turn a blind eye, and everything will be fine."

            Work efficiency will undoubtedly be higher when working in a more closed, individual, remote manner, or distancing oneself from the crowd, in smaller units. Like scientists in a laboratory. One of the mottos for this year, in my view, is "less will be more." Less irritation from the surroundings, less involvement in aimless chit-chat, more time for one's work, time with oneself, and loved ones. It's worth mentioning that more and more people in the world don't want to work, they want to be far from duty, free from subjugation and daily obligations. This is also a hallmark of the Age of Aquarius, with no turning back. With increasing automation and all sorts of freedoms, a valid question arises: what next, "where do we put all those who no longer want to spend so much of their life at work?!" This also poses significant risks of unemployment.

            Some may not want to work, but others who are not hesitant about work may find it more challenging to find employment. Moreover, there may be the collapse of certain industries, organizations, or corporations (their time has passed—technology is changing, priorities are shifting), transformation, or simply closure due to unprofitability and high costs.

            From a slightly mental and spiritual perspective, those who feel the passage of time better may have already noticed something, made some adjustments last year, but it's not too late to "connect" this year, and perhaps a bit next year, to something like an ancient source of human knowledge (symbolically, without superstition or mysticism). Symbolically, Saturn in Pisces indicates humanity's collective memory, which can individually help each person find their way to spiritual peace, a more suitable solution to their difficult questions, on a philosophical or psychoemotional level, so that in addressing practical life issues, they do not lose or exhaust their inner strength and psychological resilience.

            Considering the characteristics of the Age of Aquarius, the spiritual environment, methods, practices, and paths to it are also changing. What works for one person will likely not work for another, so universal spiritual advice from tabloids won't help. Each person, by reflecting and contemplating on their own life, can start to create their own spiritual environment, habits, emotional resilience, and manifestations of compassion according to their calling and soul's hue.

            Moving from the non-material to the material world, there will be a strong sense for money making, often leveraging the circumstances and situations at hand. This particularly applies to those who are adept and resourceful in navigating business matters and investing. It might be more challenging for stable businesses with their own product sales and deliveries, as instability is something that can already be predicted.

            Hence, with financial matters, results will vary. Previously, price hikes due to inflation resulted in huge profits in banking, energy resource sectors, and groceries increased in price due to various additional reasons. The question is whether governments will have done or will do anything about it, as I don't see significant changes in improving the standard of living in the first half of the year. Rather, creditors may have a greater desire to reclaim lent money or "recover unearned" profits through various means and tools.

            This year seems to be marked by fiscal consolidation, to put it wisely, a more scrupulous approach to finances both individually within households and institutionally at the government and leadership levels. The transformation of the economy will require new solutions. However, despite this, due to the fluctuation and uncertainty of various financial instruments, as well as the abundance of "don't miss this super-duper offer" opportunities, there will be a desire to take risks, to gamble, to take what seems like an advantageous step. For example, cryptocurrencies could see a surge in the first trimester of the year, which could burst like a soap bubble at any moment, leaving some "investor" empty-handed. The potential for this is certainly considerable in every respect.

            There will also be a window or a time frame for earning, conducting transactions; there will be an opportunity for larger-scale projects and, no less importantly, for making bigger money. As my aunt used to say: "gold lies scattered on the ground, you just need to pick it up". Those who find their significant step forward during these turbulent times may move up in the world.

            It should be noted that in the second half of the year, especially in August, a critical period will approach, lasting until mid-2025. This marks a crisis – restrictions and problems in logistics, trade, communications, data processing, transportation and traffic, the informational space, information technology companies, commodity circulation, contract fulfillment (including employment contracts), disruptions in supply chains, problems in the education sector, and issues in the rental market. A bottleneck or restricted movement of goods by water may lead to logistics saturation and excessive demand on land. There will be clashes between development and growth and inflexible restrictions. Such situations often result in liquidations or employee layoffs. Interestingly, it is very possible that this crisis and difficulties may start in one way but transition and conclude differently. I'll provide additional details on this along with the chronological events of the year a bit later.

            Overall, this year people, as contradictory beings, may also become more relaxed, carefree, and open to various solutions. In short, more accommodating, but not without interests – under certain conditions – percentage benefits, in-kind payments, or barter. On one hand, this isn't necessarily bad, as it allows for flexibility in negotiations, but on the other hand, if there are no safety nets, I would recommend measuring things seven times before falling into the hands of a schemer, manipulator, or fraudster. There will be no shortage of deceivers, including spies, this year, nor those who will promise more than they can deliver. Caveat emptor. Therefore, it's important to remember that not everything that glitters is gold, and not everything convincingly presented can be trusted.

            Another important characteristic of the year will be the fight against injustice, inequality, and oppression. There will be a greater insistence on addressing environmental and climate change issues, although this might somehow take a backseat or a secondary importance if there's no major natural disaster or crisis. People will express a stronger sense of justice and humanism, each in their own way, wherever they may be in the world.

            However, this can also have negative implications, as various factions, marginalized groups, populists, self-proclaimed saviors of the world without a plan, cultural degraders, and others will also want to protest and fight against the "system". People will be more willing to take risks and stand up against the establishment. They will be more open to fighting for their principles, beliefs, their truth, and, conditionally, for a common justice.

            In certain sectors of human life, similarities with the past year will continue. Here are some excerpts from last year's forecasts that began in 2023 and will remain relevant this year, although the way they manifest may change.

“The oscillation of regimes and systems, the changes in political cliques and leaders in recent years, will now be seeking exit options. In those countries where shaky regimes persist, there will be greater governance instability – 'if you stay in power, then deal with it, manage everything!'"

"Possible larger, uncontrolled, mass migration potentials, as well as humanitarian crises."

“For now, in 2023 and 2024, the transition process will continue. There will be pronounced struggles between the conservative and visionary factions. Those who look to the past or want to remain in a safe, stable present will certainly be left behind by those who can far-sightedly transform and discard the unnecessary, stagnant old, useless, ineffective.”

"The year 2023 and the following year beyond it also mark structural and significant changes in the availability of drinking water worldwide, spirituality, medicine, healthcare, fishing, maritime affairs, (water) energy, art, accounting, bureaucracy, work environment, and the operations of social services.”

“There will be reforms in state institutions, departments, services, institutions, and bureaucracy, including in the field of medicine. The construction of new hospitals and medical research centers is recommended. Changes in the range of medicines are expected, and it is possible that drugs will be introduced that fundamentally change the treatment of certain diseases. The experience and knowledge gained during the Covid-19 pandemic can be applied in the future to deal with different medical issues.”

“In fishing, new restrictive regulations may emerge in the name of preserving nature and climate, along with projects for cleaning oceans, deep-sea exploration, new techniques for extracting valuable minerals from the depths, and more active involvement in hydroelectric, dam, offshore wind farm, and various other water and energy-related projects. Attention must be paid to the safety and maintenance of hydrostructures. There may be a shortage of drinking water, rivers drying up in drier parts of the world, while ocean water levels rise due to melting ice caps.

For accountants and clerks, administering all the calculations and documentation resulting from these changing times may be more challenging. Elements of closure, isolation, and solitude will emerge in everyday work, bringing to light issues related to mental and spiritual health, as well as overall well-being."


Event Chronology. Key Highlights 

            2024 brings its peculiarities not only through its characteristic background, which seemingly encourages giving on one hand and cunningly taking on the other, but also through the significant celestial events. The year will commence with another Great Mishap aka retrograde Mercury period, and the culmination of three of this year's most significant planetary aspects will fall within all three subsequent 2024 Great Mishaps – in April, August, and between November and December, which certainly does not inspire much confidence in stability.

            In its second approach, Pluto's transit from Capricorn to Aquarius from January 21 to September 2 will find itself in the sign of Aquarius, where it will further immerse itself in its new 'home' and new expression spectrum. After that, for the last time in its roughly 248-year cycle, until November 19, it will return and reside in Capricorn, until it irreversibly and conclusively ingress into Aquarius, where it will remain for approximately the next 20 years. This change of signs for the planet is like turning a page in the contemporary book of humanity.


            The most productive periods for development will be partially in January, further in February, March, and May, and in June. The return of the upheavals of the Aquarian era, which began last year, will reinforce their positions and more strongly create the mood for the new order. If the old order previously delayed the arrival of the new and perhaps gave some the feeling that things would still revert to the old ways, 'just like before,' then I must lament, but it will not happen. Nothing will be the same as before. Change is inevitable!

            In conflicts, arguments, and discussions, truth emerges. With the beginning of the Chinese New Year on February 9th at 22:58 GMT, generally in the second half of February, or at least by the second decade, there will be or should be efforts to reconcile tensions and seek solutions. Moreover, unprecedented alternative solutions and methods need to be sought by stepping out of the comfort zone and facing challenges directly. Initiative must be taken, no matter how radical it may seem. This moment in time may manifest as a crisis in relationships, involving issues of money and power, but it's about living further, so, as I mentioned, regardless of how radical the steps may be, in my view, they should be taken if we're talking about a resolution. For some, this may come as an unpleasant surprise.

            However, I must say that the following Full Moon could create even greater tension, as several stressful aspects will be active concurrently, and someone will surely say, "I told you so," but that won't change the past, and we must look ahead. This Full Moon, on one hand, can create interdependence, limited agency, or a lack of ideas, resulting in overreactions that might land the major players in hot water. However, as you may have guessed, it's all for the greater good. No tough decision is greeted with applause and fanfare.       

            Let’s jump further. In the first decade of March, it wouldn't be advisable to engage in any antics because the New Moon on March 10 will bring enough benevolence, especially to implement new, perspective, original, and progressive ideas. These perspectives can be particularly favorable if only the truth is spoken, open plans are offered, and matters are presented as they are: "I solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that the evidence I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."🙂 On the other hand, if all kinds of revolutionaries or various revolutionary ideas emerge at the beginning of March, then suitable conditions may arise also for them to "push" forward their justice. The line between good and bad is quite often debatable and subtle. Sometimes what seems bad turns out to be good, and vice versa.

            April, oh April, everything will be upside down... In my view, both in April and August retrograde periods of Mercury, or Great Mishaps, will be quite challenging: April's will be powerfully chaotic with lingering consequences due to impulsive, spontaneous decisions, while August's will be characterized by the ability to adapt, driven by unilateralism-induced misfortunes for a higher purpose.

            April's Great Mishap will begin on April 2, precisely in the midst of the Eclipse tunnel of the spring – right on changing Moon phases, and will last until April 25. Beethoven might just play the first chords of his Symphony No. 5 in D minor here in April and August from time to time.🙂

             Shortly after the spring Solar Eclipse on April 8, characterized by a surge of creativity, influx of "good" ideas, inspiration, and liberation, a Solar Eclipse, coinciding with the New Moon, may bring forth daring, shocking, eccentric expressions in society. Given the current astrological conditions, this could stir up quite a drama, and the most passionate may crave greater influence over events. Few will care much about what others think, as the time favors easy expression, showcasing one's unique vision without taking much responsibility – "what difference does it make what I said. I wanted to say it, so I did."

            And, as it appears, a significant culmination of radical ideas approaches precisely during the time of the April Full Moon, coinciding with yet another Great Mishap, aka retrograde Mercury period. This will be a highly independent, transformative, expansive moment, symbolized by a combination of planets aiming to shake humanity out of its comfort zones, both physically and intellectually, and challenge outdated beliefs and ideologies. Fanaticism, liberation, radicalization, cultural blending, modern freedom-seeking, letting go of possessions to explore the world, surprising unions, or unexpected collapses may manifest. For some, it could mean unexpected success, while for others, an unforeseen crash (financial or otherwise /- banking?).

            The instability in the food industry, commodity/price values, and financial markets, prices may rise. However, it's worth noting that the harmonious aspects formed by Mars could somewhat soothe and stabilize this potential powder keg, particularly the rebelling conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Aries in mid-April, in the second half. After the "big bada boom"[4], or the great fall, it will be about looking ahead and trying to find opportunities. After all, the Year of the Dragon encourages seeking opportunities to change the world…with one significant step.

            At the end of the Great Mishap in the last decade of April, the aspects will denote a kind of liberation. This liberation will be aimed at breaking free from societal norms and expectations, prioritizing personal freedom above all else. Uncomfortable truths may come to light through socially unacceptable or indecent philosophical reflections and methods. The current aspect also suggests a lack of reconciliation, refusal to submit, unwillingness to fit in or please others. There will be a sense of childlike spontaneity and freedom in the air.

            Following this tumultuous Great Mishap, the subsequent favorable period in May and June promises a late astrological cue for the realization and implementation of even greater, more grandiose plans. There will be a clear view of the public mood, and suitable conditions will emerge for the successful resolution of contemporary social problems. Some will experience greater financial gains or increases in power and authority. It will be an especially favorable time for those who know ‘where to dig’. May will be particularly favorable for business and finance—active and fruitful.

            The last decade of May could be called "the great escape." It may manifest as forgetting about the daily hustle or as a time to finally fulfill your dreams and aspirations, as the actual aspect will provide the basis for turning it all into practical realization, application, and expression. There will be a surge of confidence and optimism, suppressing negations. In the worst-case scenario, social sphere problems may be identified in the public sector, while individually, there may be awareness of the need to take responsibility for one's life and previous decisions made, at the same time, there may be a desire to avoid or escape from duties and actively solving problems.

            As everything progresses towards desired outcomes at the end of May, the beginning of June may come with great force, an increase in prosperity, the realization of power or efforts. The initiated endeavors start to yield results and tangible outcomes. What has been produced manages to be processed and realized. It's a time of enlightenment, higher knowledge, and advancement for the creative and writing individuals, and thinkers. Overall, there will be a strong desire to embark on and accomplish something significantly big and meaningful.

            On the other hand, by the end of June, it will be a time when tar will start to drip in the honey pot. After the positive uplift, a time of delirium, deception, and mania will come, when there will be a strong desire to indulge, abandon everything, heightened sexuality for some, with emphasis on inclinations, deviations, and manias, while others will long for approval and evaluation from others, desiring to forget themselves by using intoxicating substances. Greater ecstasy will require larger doses. For some, this time will be a period of deceitful decisions, when the apparent will masquerade as the real, creating conflict situations out of thin air. This aspect, too, in its peculiar way, will lead to liberation and cravings for independence.

            As summer draws to a close, another serious wave of tension will emerge this year. The situation appears rather tragic from this vantage point. At the culmination of the Full Moon on August 19th, and under the guidance of another significant Great Mishap (retrograde Mercury period), the tension between Jupiter and Saturn will peak, along with the manifestation of other tension-inducing aspects. The situation, with its elements of change, will unfold everywhere, like “Everything Everywhere All at Once”🙂, or the tension-filled situation may change its expression depending on circumstances, exhibiting a chameleon-like nature. There may not be a specific epicenter, but the consequences thereafter could be prolonged and complex.

            However, the response to the events is likely to default to "lean on broken reeds", and Great Mishaps’ presence will not allow the problems to be resolved completely. Immediate solutions may not even be possible. Band-aids won't work for a fracture.

            The main features of the crisis are rational versus irrational (not-rational). The conflict between reality and ideals. A test of conviction and resilience. Attempts to organize and tidy everything up will only create bigger messes. Saturn's essence is to restrict, confine, deter, instill fear into everything symbolized by Jupiter - belief, significance, joy, optimism, openness, enthusiasm, development, ideological uplift, broad scope. On the other hand, Jupiter expands, enlarges, and extends even Saturn's principles - order, responsibility, discipline, caution, attention.

            This means that there will be strict limitations, controlling management of situations/sectors/spheres, moralizing, uncompromising or inflexible handling of tangled problems, hindered growth due to restrictions. It will be a time when the letter of the law may be more evident than the realization of its essence. Through these difficulties, a mark of time and a scar of suffering may be left behind.

            Overall, this restless scene can be characterized as being in the wrong time and place to make decisive, significant, far-reaching actions, especially those that pit one important element against another. Hasty, unbalanced, impulsive, short-sighted decisions could exacerbate this tense and critical situation. Something will have to be lost or relinquished to gain something - a better tomorrow.

            The tunnel of autumn eclipses will begin with a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon on September 18th and will conclude with a Solar Eclipse/New Moon on October 2nd. The beginning of the Eclipse tunnel will mark a favorable period, with the condition that you can control your ambitions and ignore the temptations of arrogance and provocations. The astrological aspect indicates a lack of mental clarity and difficulties in making constructive decisions, which translates into a call for peace, just peace, without reacting aggressively to what is happening or actively trying to solve what cannot realistically be resolved.

            The eclipse tunnel will conclude with such an impulsive and irritating note. Since it's a New Moon, it wouldn't be advisable to engage in excessive physical activities during this time. If the following period brings separations, let them go; if losses, accept them. There may be some intriguing individuals who will specifically want to break someone up, so beware of them. On the other hand, if victories don't bring satisfaction, don't panic and don't dismiss them at the first feeling. These feelings during this time can confuse and mislead, causing you to reflect and reconsider, and then reflect again. Overthinker’s nightmare.

            If we're talking about a better tomorrow, then a better tomorrow or at least spiritual relief is planned as follows in the astro-schedule. A bit deeper in autumn, in October, at the beginning of November. An excellent time to learn from one's own mistakes and those of others. This period marks an excellent guide for seeking spiritual comfort. Life's difficulties may seem or indeed be significant, but there are equally significant opportunities to understand these difficulties with an optimistic view and gain clarity about what has happened and intuition about what's to come. This is especially important and remarkable because this healing period will allow for regrouping and being ready for the next wave of crisis, which, like a "gift from heaven," will come down under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. For each according to their merits.

            If you say undeserved, the astro-map still offers alternative options – to change and not resist the tide of time. To act according to circumstances, not ingrained dogmas. But the average person doesn't like to exert effort in understanding, cultivating, and enriching their non-material world. Yes, even the forces of fate don't discriminate against good people, but what sets them apart is how clearly you've lived, how you understand the essence of what's happening in your life, what decisions you make, what priorities you set, and what you value.

            I really hope we'll get by without terror, but it has already become commonplace, and cannot be ruled out at the end of the year, as a bubbling-up is expected in the first half of December, just before Christmas. In the second decade of December, there will be an active aspect indicating obsession, unrestrained behavior, deep-seated, ideological anger, and expressions of hatred. Yes, you guessed it, its culmination falls around the time of the Full Moon. Everything that has been hurting, aching, pressing inside may come out – old traumas, past wrongdoings. Through outbursts of hurt, denial of problems, and anger, people's shadow sides, their true intentions, may be revealed.

            At the end of the year, during Christmas, Jupiter and Saturn will again conflict in their second encounter. This time, the astrological backdrop isn't as dire as their first tension aspect in August. The Moon phase also falls in the last quarter, so the development of events may unfold to the extent that resources allow. The greatest difficulties will arise from the collision of real possibilities with the desired scenario's realization. Especially if plans are superficially developed and ideas inherently lack prospects. Often, we see that the first solution that comes to mind is pursued and then observed whether it works or not. In stressful conditions, a clear action plan is necessary, and it must be understood that circumstances change, leading to changes in decisions. There may be much misunderstanding, primarily due to impractical solutions, and more time might be spent on trivial matters than is appropriate.

            At the end of the year, there will be several subsequent tension aspects with a mundane nature. On 30th of December, a New Moon, just as the calendar year comes to a close—signaling new beginnings. The first half of the New Year’s Eve will be very harmonious and beneficial for communication, understanding, and listening to others. The midday, afternoon a bit tense, resembling day turning into night for a few hours, but the very stroke of midnight sparkling with playful behavior and bubbles.

A few words about the year 2024 in a couple of paragraphs regarding the partially mentioned or unmentioned aspects above:

·         Until June 29th this year, I would recommend doing the most significant, starting the most important, and addressing the most crucial matters that everyone has in mind and plans. Of course, excluding the Great Mishap or retrograde Mercury period for most of April.

·         From December 7th, the retrograde period of Mars will begin, but already a little earlier, on November 26th, the next retrograde period of Mercury, or Great Mishap, will start, so the end of the year will be an unfavorable time for business and sports.

·         From September 2nd to November 19th, Pluto will return to Capricorn for the last time. If something is fundamentally changed after the August turmoil, it should only be with a view to the future. So to speak, it returns to take only what is necessary from what remains. I think there will be a pull backwards, to be as it was before, as it was, as in times when the grass was greener, so no matter what the pull may be, the gap between the remnants and the intellectual, guile, versatile Odysseys will only increase in the future. Many choose present suffering over future hope, because it is familiar, while the future is the unknown. However, it is formed today. Many forget this.

For this year's forecast, that's all for now. More detailed descriptions and explanations will likely follow in my monthly astroguides.

Thank you!

Follow yourself! May the stars lead you the way!

[1] Phrasing borrowed from the game “Truth, or dare?”

[2] https://x.com/BloombergTV/status/1747541117267001441?s=20

[3] https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/mar/10/xi-jinping-handed-unprecedented-third-term-as-chinas-president

[4] Quote from the movie "The Fifth Element"