23/24 Season forecast. Porzingis

23/24 Season forecast. Porzingis
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*Originally this article was posted in Latvian on 10/24/2023 This is a translation.

For me, as a big basketball enthusiast, it has become a tradition to make a season forecast for the biggest Latvian basketball star, NBA All-star caliber player, the Unicorn from Latvia, Liepāja – Kristaps Porziņģis, who will begin the 2023-2024 season in his new, by count fourth NBA team – the renowned and titled Boston Celtics. In the history of the Celtics basketball, there has rarely been a season without setting the highest goal and this season will not be different. The Boston Celts will be looking for their 18th title and will be one of the top favourites for the Larry Obrien Trophy.

Preliminarily assessing, this is definitely a great opportunity for the Latvian big man to be in a potentially very promising position to achieve and fulfil this goal set by the franchise, expected by the fans and determined by himself. Besides, playing a very significant role and adding his contribution to the team's success. Expectations in Boston are high. Although, my personal observation, they are pretty down to earth. They be like: ‘we know and realize who we are, what we are capable of, what we are going for, but the work will be done when the goal is achieved’. That gives high hopes not to be overly optimistic.

This time I will give in more detail than previous years how the upcoming 2023/2024 season could unfold for Kristaps Porzingis individually. For the native of Liepāja, it will be the eighth season in the world's best basketball league. In previous years, perhaps with the exception of the time in Dallas, the teams represented by Porziņģis were more of mid-tier and lower-tier teams, often falling short or balancing near the playoff line. Now, it would be hard to find anyone who would say that the Celtics won't make it to the playoffs. It would also be hard to find someone who would say that the Celtics would have a hard time overcoming the first round of the playoffs. So, this time around, regarding Kristaps Porziņģis, I can confidently look towards a time period that extends beyond the middle of April, or in other words, the end of the regular season.

To sum up, it appears to me that for Porziņģis, the beginning and middle of the season will likely be without major surprises performance-wise. The time until next March stands out more as a path of surmountable challenges. In this case, ‘challenges’ can also manifest as a relatively good or decent, sufficiently productive and stable performance, but it may require a significant output of energy, effort, and a balance of one’s personal ambitions. Therefore, great importance will lie not only in physical preparedness, endurance, and resilience, to be able to both fight under the basket and absorb bruises in defense, and shine ‘unicornly’ in offense, but also in Kristaps’ mental fortitude, dealing with issues and challenges that may arise in daily interactions and dealings with teammates. So it will be crucial to keep a clear head and make the right decisions, especially in tense situations.

Considering that Boston's frontcourt raises certain uncertainties regarding season’s length and load (e.g., KP's durability, Horford's age), Porziņģis must anticipate an increase in workload. Mainly the energy levels will be charged and it will be a time of invested work rather than a time of gifts, and all that is also reflected in his birthday astrochart, much like until February 2024, right when the All-Star week in the second decade of February will take place.

However, a different scenario and a different scene unfold further into spring, towards the end of the regular season, especially towards playoff time. In terms of Porziņģis shining and reaching his maximum contribution, I don't really see anything that could hinder him.

Of course, provided that nothing undesirable or any injuries have occurred during previous periods of heightened tension, which could thereby alter the course of events thereafter. But let's go through everything in order.

At the very beginning of the season, in the last decade of October, Kristaps Porziņģis individually can experience a series of occasional or day-to-day tensions and stressors. These will be relatively quickly passing tensions, but significant nonetheless. Therefore, it is highly recommended for KP, especially in the first game, to avoid rushing and acting impulsively, as any of his hasty and unconsidered missteps could not only jeopardize his efforts, but also fire up the unfriendly atmosphere and the crowd.

You might wonder, "How comes?” As it happens, the first game of the 2023/2024 season for the Celtics will be an away game at the Madison Square Garden arena against the local New York Knickerbockers. Therefore, it's hard to imagine an even more epic stage for the first game, especially for Kristaps’.

If Porziņģis can keep his composure (easier said than done) and focus on the game, it will help him transfer his individual tension to the audience, thereby drawing more inspiration from it, rather than suppressing himself with possible anxieties. As we know, energy exchange is a two-way street between the giver and the receiver. It depends on how each party utilizes it.

Paraphrasing about this what Confucius has stated: "Be upright and true to yourself, and others will respect and empathize with you, no matter what. If you are not upright yourself, do not expect the respect and support of others, no matter how hard you try."

In addition to the aforementioned daily-effect induced tensions, a powerful and significant planetary aspect will be already forming in his astrochart at the beginning and the first decade of November. This aspect could serve as a strong impetus for the new season.

This aspect is characterized by a strong desire to break free from limitations and express oneself more freely. Since there is currently a sense of harmony and camaraderie within the Celtics team, and Porziņģis is naturally an amiable guy, the expression of this aspect and the overall astrological environment won't manifest as a disruptive uprising, but rather as an enthusiastic, heightened exaltation of energy.

In the backdrop, around those same dates, a significant harmonious aspect will also come into play. Figuratively speaking, it will bestow its blessing or provide a foundation for the feeling that the right place has been found and the correct path in the desired and compatible direction has been embarked upon. While this aspect will remain in the background, at the beginning of the season, specifically until the first decade of November, it will provide the necessary sense of security. Regardless of everything else, it will allow KP to stay committed to achieving the team's set goal.

So, the beginning of the season for KP could unfold as intense and powerful, yet at the same time with a favorable foundation and momentum. However, I would strongly recommend being very cautious about overexertion, as it could lead to burnout as a result. Because after this start, in the first decade of November, a period of tension will arrive, which will not inherently be unfavorable, but with the condition that discipline and self-control are observed. If during this time frame Porziņģis plays with moderation and within his capabilities, then the outcomes should be positive. On the other hand, if ego control goes out the window and a haughty attitude takes over, then there might be a great disappointment, especially towards the latter half of November.

Overall, the first two decades of November present challenges and elements of tension for Porziņģis, particularly in the direction of ego and personal expression, along with the negative traits that may arise from it. During this period, it would be highly advisable not to succumb to negativity, temptations, exaggerations, and egocentric tendencies. It is recommended not to step into old traps that may reopen old, well-known "wounds."

Also, from around the New Moon on November 13th until the time of Sagittarius, starting on November 22nd, I would recommend that KP take it down a notch, focusing on executing only what's necessary on the parquet – without pushing too hard or overburdening himself. By that, I mean not taking on more than one can handle. There are times when a person can do it by taking a more leading role, and there are times when it is not advisable.

From around the last decade of November, KP can once again confidently increase his pace on the court. During this time, until mid-January 2024, Porziņģis might experience a notable increase in energy and this time for him overall is characterized by heightened activity. Here, in the last decade of November, also appears to come a sort of healing process for the mind and mental state. So, if he has previously gone through a period filled with uncertainties, then here in the last decade of November, it is a very favorable time to resolve any ambiguities that may have arisen. During this time, teammates may be more receptive and inclined to listen to Kristaps' opinions and vision.

At the beginning of December, in Porziņģis' birthday astrochart, there appears to be a situation of changeable and deceptive nature, which will present at least two challenges. He may feel a desire to withdraw into himself, to stay in the background. A sort of psychological confusion may set in, accompanied by a feeling of estrangement, as if from nowhere. In such a situation, it would be best to allow time and negative situations to pass by, with the mindset of "this too shall pass." It’s essential here not to act defiantly or in opposition. If, however, things cannot be easily let go, he should try then to creatively and resourcefully find solutions to any complexities that may have arisen.

The second challenge in this situation provides an opportunity to see the arising circumstances more clearly and realize that when the usual mechanisms fail, there are other solutions available as well. It's like diluting a concentrate, when a more subtle approach to the matters at hand is needed.

Overall, in Porziņģis' birthday astrochart, December will continue with a more pronounced activity, leadership, or at least a search for leadership with bursts of energy. However, it should be noted that not only do certain elements of uncertainty appear in his individual birthday astrochart in December, but also on December 13th, another retrograde period of Mercury, aka Great Void, will begin and last until January 2nd. This overall adds a touch of tension for Kristaps’. So, uncertainties, misunderstandings, impulsive actions, and hasty decision-making (shot selection) during this period may be more prevalent and significant, which in turn could be reflected in statistics with a decline in accuracy and precision.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the forecast, the path to spring won't be strewn with rose petals. However, to me, all of this looks more like an adaptation, an internal struggle, and a process of tempering oneself. The main thing for Kristaps Porziņģis here will be to keep a clear head, to bear in mind his own and the team's goals, not to overstrain himself, while at the same time honing his skills and character, understanding that securing a top position will require a battle and not just a leisurely stroll. I hope Kristaps has learned from the times when Coach Carlisle tried to downplay him by disrespectfully putting that kind of talent in the corner.

The end of this year in December and the beginning of the next year, January, will bring the most serious and challenging phase of the season for Kristaps Porziņģis. This could be referred to as an astrological life exam. During this period, the birthday astrochart of KP reflects four very significant planetary aspects, as well as the background of everyday aspects. I would describe it all as follows: primarily, the sphere of communication is affected, in other words, interaction and communication will be the source or cause of external issues, where a serious test of relationships will take place. In the context of these aspects, it would be important not to build walls or barriers, but rather to seek solutions for the tangled situations. If the problems are not addressed, it will subsequently lead to the manifestation of the next aspect, which could be described as a deadlock.

This deadlock then would manifest as a situation where you can only rely on yourself because external support has vanished. During this time, the sense of timing can also disappear, when everything seems to happen at the wrong time, in the wrong place. The step comes too late, the jump is too late, the shot is too late, the pass is too late, and so on. Everything falls out of hands, it's hard to pull oneself together. Alongside, psychological defense mechanisms may kick in. What would be recommended in these circumstances is not to assume a defensive posture. If the situation is heated like a hot iron, then here you must be able to toughen up and forge a sturdy backbone yourself. In simpler terms, this is the time to strengthen yourself internally and not to shut down, so as not to force things.

This is not the end of it. Moving closer to the middle of January, a previously encountered situation will be reactivated. On one hand, this may create a desire to break free and take center stage. On the other hand, current circumstances may present obstacles, or perhaps, at this moment, external conditions are not conducive to the expression of these personal desires and motivations. The recommendation for this situation at this moment would be to reconcile with the current state of affairs and move forward at a more opportune time. My experience shows that this desire doesn't just disappear, so it simply needs to find a better and more suitable time for realization. Many people, despite the "resistance of time," try to force things at all costs in a specific moment and situation, without considering the timing features.

Here, Kristaps’ would also be advised to restrain himself and wait, because the next significant aspect in this period, specifically in the second half of January, indicates a crisis. This can be a collision of existing possibilities and desires, when all plans might face a tightening and freedom of action is restricted.

Summarizing all of this, a specific outline and sequence of events is visible. Since Kristaps Porziņģis is adept at sensing the motives of others and is aware of their interests, it is very likely that the greatest battles will occur within himself. This is also indicated by the harmonious aspect that will be in effect from November 2023 until February 2024.

This suggests that despite all possible setbacks, KP might maintain a positive or at least hopeful outlook on what's happening, understand things, and try to create a new vision for new circumstances. However, it must be remembered that everything comes at a cost. If the statistics and performance will have been good, it most likely required a great deal of effort and struggle. If the statistics and performance have not met expectations, it will certainly leave traces of dissatisfaction and internal conflicts, thus psychological imprints and consequences.

February will already bring positive vibes. The toughest part, so to speak, will be behind. Successful and energetically vibrant episodes in Porziņģis' performance could bloom in the first week of February. Gradually, albeit still in the distance, signs of promised favorability are beginning to emerge. The only significant tension in February will arise slightly past the middle of the month, but it conveniently coincides with the "All-Star" event week. Thus, it is unlikely to have a direct impact on basketball court activities... unless, of course...

Indeed, if you think about it, it's quite intriguing. At this moment, one possible interpretation of the relevant tension aspect is the attainment of undeserved success, and concurrently, for Porziņģis, there will be several active harmonious aspects with a sporting emphasis. The criteria by which participants (reserves) are selected for the "All-Star" game are not always completely understood. There are also last-minute substitutes on occasion. Given how tense the first two-thirds of the season will be for Porziņģis, I'm skeptical about KP participating in the All-Star game. However, if, for instance, the Celtics "outperform everyone", meaning they are undoubtedly the leaders of the conference, and Porziņģis still has respectable statistics, then under favorable conditions, top teams sometimes have three representatives in the All-Star game. So, you never know, as they say. :)

As the season resumes after the All-Star week on February 22, Kristaps Porziņģis should come back with a lot of energy and a sense of elevation. This could be either due to the impressions from the past NBA basketball festivities or thanks to the rest break and the anticipation of returning to the Red Auerbach parquet.

Until the second half of March, according to Kristaps Porziņģis' birthday astrochart, performance on the court will mainly be reflected through the daily aspects of the planets. The leading role will be played by the current aspects formed by Mars, and the Moon's North Node moving through the sign of Aries. In simpler terms, the performance can be more varied, depending on the day's feel. Some games may go better, others even better, or perhaps not as well.

Starting from around mid-March, for a period of about ten days, a more pronounced segment will emerge, characterized by two key aspects. One side of this tension will bring an intensified surge of energy, potentially leading to a more assertive mood, impulsive confrontations, and a tendency to argue. Additionally, this aspect stirs up personal ambitions, which may result in a stronger desire to take on greater leadership role.

The other side of this is characterized by a desire to assert oneself, disregarding others' opinions, as it may seem that one knows better. This combined with the previous aspect can potentially lead to conflict situations. It is crucial to be very careful with expressions and physical activities during this period, as both the mind and heart will be heated. This hot-headedness and lack of caution increase the chances of getting injured. Under these circumstances, the precision of shots may decrease, but the desire to make more shots, to be more active, can increase. In defense, due to this aspect, the number of punches, bruises, scratches, as well as the amount of fouls, may also significantly increase.

I really hope that Kristaps will navigate through these relatively fast-paced passing challenges or 'mines' without stumbling, and in the astrologically harmonious period that follows, he will showcase his performance on the court rather than nursing injuries on the sidelines. The 'Celtics' game schedule indicates that Boston has 5 games in 7 days during that week, so I hope that Kristaps’ will be given some rest during one of the matches. In my basketball forecasting experience, both Dāvis Bertāns, Luka Dončić, and LeBron have encountered these kind of everyday situation 'mines', just before a harmonious period. This has mainly been due to their current overconfidence and lack of caution. The good news regarding KP is that alongside these tense aspects, there will be also harmonious ones in the background, which hopefully will balance or calm down those situations. In any case, caution is advised.

Furthermore, until mid-June, when the NBA Finals take place, in Kristaps Porziņģis's birthday astrochart, the picture becomes clearer. The biggest storms and tempests will be behind. In the last decade of March and the beginning of April, two highly creative aspects will be prominent.

One of them points to a very harmonious involvement in collective activities. Finally, there arises a feeling of satisfaction, especially if things haven't gone as hoped before. This situation can be described in basketball terms, where each player knows their place, knows where the others are on the court, so to speak, communication happens without obstacles and glances.

On the other hand, the second aspect creates a desire to play creatively, effectively, originally, delighting the audience, so to speak, playing for the audience. Both aspects together allow smoothing out any rough spots and obstacles that may have occurred in the past. Problems 'suddenly' disappear as if they never existed. Bliss. 😊 Alongside, there will also be a spark that won't let him sink into that dreamy carelessness, but will keep him in the 'faster, higher, stronger' energy.

In April, towards the end of the season, some personal and private matters may weigh him down, but I won't publicly analyze them.

When it comes to Kristaps Porziņģis' basketball activities, in the second half of April, the NBA Play-offs typically begin. This time, the Play-offs will begin on April 20th. Considering that the 'Celtics' will be one of the title contenders, and the tournament will kick off in the Great Void or in other words retrograde Mercury period, there is a very high possibility that some of the favorites might stumble in the first round. At least, it's very likely to be a challenging start for some.

In the last decade of April, there will be another duo of harmonious aspects for KP. In the background, there will also be tension, around the beginning of the twenties of April. This will occur in the first game or the first two games. The possibility of injuries is always there with such an aspect, but in this case, I think it rather reflects a strong stance, not giving way to the opponents, limiting the opponents. If this defensive resistance won’t come from Porziņģis, then it's possible that the opponents will have devised a tactic against him.

Overall, the last decade of April is characterized for Kristaps by a time of thoughtful and pragmatic expressions and actions. A clear vision of what needs to be done. Balanced performance. Additionally, there will be an active aspect indicating a sort ‘sense of a game’, if you will. A very flexible, adaptable expression, when the player is able to quickly assess circumstances, adapt, and act according to the situation's demands. Alongside this, during those dates, there will also be a high charge of positive energy.

In my view, Mars ingression into Aries from April 30th, in its domicile, will be very beneficial for Kristaps’. Not only will it create a sufficient number of energetic and mostly harmonious aspects with KP's natal planets, but it will also provide a strong foundation for sporting activities over the course of about one and a half months, fitting perfectly into the playoff period.

As we approach the beginning of May and in the first decade of May in Porziņģis’ birthday astrochart, there will be some challenging and provocative aspects forming. The main thing would be not to engage in questionable actions and to behave appropriately, in any case not aggressively, as during the activities of these aspects, a person can often find themselves in misunderstood situations, be sabotaged or have their words or actions distorted, or have harmful, false, or defamatory information spread about them. The tabloids and gossip mills may be persistent, creating rumors, gossip, and sometimes even scandals out of nothing. This can be very unsettling, diverting attention from what's truly important. It would also be advisable for people and partners in the immediate circle not to burden Kristaps with their own issues during this time.

In the second decade of May, a long-awaited sense of achievement may appear when the horizon you've been striving for starts to come into view. However, it's crucial to approach this with care, as any negligence can be turned against you by the opponents. As they say in sports, you have to play until the final whistle. When in a leading position, you mustn't let your guard down, as the opponent could seize the opportunity.

Right around mid-May, alongside the previous aspect, another one will culminate, indicating that it will be a time to express oneself in unprecedented ways and encounter situations not experienced before. It's like the unveiling of new dimensions, an unexpected elevation, and at the same time, this new experience allows for a fairly constructive perception of the situation. According to the timeline, it seems this period coincides with the Conference Finals.

Furthermore, moving into the second half of May, the uplift of harmony doesn't stop and a new manifestation arises as a great wave of inspiration. In this period, any individual ambitions fade away, replaced by a strong desire to be part of this mechanism called the team and do everything possible to achieve the desired goal. There is a powerful urge to be fully engaged, rather than being a bystander. To be immersed in the events and the ongoing flow of things.

The last decade of May will conclude with yet another harmony aspect in Kristaps Porziņģis' birthday chart. Some situations at this time may test the nerves and present small challenges, especially on an emotional level. However, the predominant feeling will be that great achievements can be reached through a system, through the collective system, meaning through teamwork, all while not losing one's unique potential for self-expression. This could also be characterized as a sense of team cohesion, from Kristaps' perspective.

The first half of June stands out with a strong emphasis on camaraderie, as relationships are formed and strengthened. As we know, success unifies and brings people closer together. This aspect also points to putting oneself in the forefront, and I believe that if the team achieves its goal, it will be well-deserved and compatible to bask in the sunlight of success.

In mid-June and beyond, there will be a sense of relaxation, vacation vibes, celebrations, marking the end of the season, and, I must say, a masculine sense of satisfaction with what has been achieved.

Indeed, I wouldn't assert that the Boston Celtics will clinch the championship title in the upcoming season, but these stars have aligned in Kristaps Porziņģis' life during this period. There are no signs of great disappointment or unfulfilled goals, as could be discerned in previous seasons in both Dallas and Washington.

Wishing all the best and success to KP! During challenging times, it's important to reflect more, not lose focus, and consider things in the long term, all while keeping in mind both his own and the team's set goals. From an astrological perspective, Kristaps Porziņģis should be ready for success in spring and summer, the question is, will the team support him all the way? We'll live and see!

Thank you!